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How Do Braces Work For Teeth?

May 23, 2022

According to a sunny isles beach orthodontist, braces work by putting pressure on your teeth over some time to move them into their proper position slowly. The bone under them also changes its position. Braces consist of these things.

Orthodontic bands

Orthodontic bands are stainless steel, tooth-colored, or transparent materials dentists place on your teeth. They wrap around each other to provide an anchor for the brackets. Clear or tooth-colored bands are more attractive, but they are also more expensive than stainless steel. Bands are not for everyone. Some individuals just have brackets and no wires or bands.


Braces are small square-like structures that stay on the front of each tooth surface. Miami shores orthodontists use a special bonding agent or attach them to orthodontic bands. They act as handles and keep the archwires that move your teeth in place. Brackets come in various materials, including stainless steel, tooth-colored ceramic, and plastic. Dentists frequently use them because they are more challenging to see.


According to pediatric dentist Miami beach, archwires attach to the brackets and act as tracks to guide the movement of your teeth. Some archwires are made from metal, while others are made from clear or tooth-colored.

Elastics or rubber bands

Elastics or rubber bands secure the hooks on the brackets. In various ways, they fit between your upper and lower teeth. They apply pressure to your upper teeth against your lower teeth to work correctly. You have the option of choosing the color you like.

Orthodontic headgear

Some people require headgear, a wire device that pulls your upper molars back in your mouth to fix bite difficulties or provide more space for crowded teeth. To keep the facebow part of your headgear in place, the orthodontist will attach headgear tubes to two bands on your top teeth. The horseshoe-shaped element that surrounds your face completes the look.

For how long do we have to wear braces?

The duration of How long you may have to wear braces varies from person to person. It depends on:

  • The amount of room or space inside your mouth.
  • The severity of your problem.
  • The distance your teeth must shift.
  • The health of the gum, teeth, and supporting bone
  • How closely do you follow your dentist’s instructions

Once you get the affordable braces Miami, they will generally remain in place for 1 to three years. After the braces come off, most people need to wear a retainer all the time for the first six months. After that, you have to wear it only while you sleep, but you may do it for many years.

Can someone be allergic to braces?

Some people can be allergic to certain metals, such as nickel. When it happens, you can use other materials for your braces instead. People can also be allergic to the orthodontist’s and helpers’ latex gloves. Braces can irritate the gums and cause swelling. Although this is not an allergic reaction, it is something you should not take lightly.


The above article helps you learn some valuable information regarding braces. The above reports tell us some necessary and beneficial factors related to braces treatment. For more information regarding braces, please visit ivanovortho.com.

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