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How Effective Are Braces At Fixing An Overbite?

January 4, 2022

Recently the problem of overbite is a very usual situation that is searched by half of the patients. The situation of overbite must have grown since childhood and if not treated by the kids orthodontist near me then it would be more severe. Same as teeth misalignment, the overbite must be corrected, especially if it is determined as early as possible. Braces are the one way to correct misalignment and the various other alternatives that are available.

What do you mean by overbite?

The overbite is also known as buck teeth, the teeth misalignment. The overbite problem might occur when the upper front teeth stick out below the lower front teeth. An overbite is a kind of malocclusion. The term “malocclusion” is determined as broken or misaligned teeth.

How does your overbite influence the body of a normal person?

The normal overbite would not lead to many health problems. But the untreated overbite would lead to several issues-

  • Gum diseases
  • Breathing challenges
  • Speaking issues
  • Jaw pain
  • Challenges in facing while eating
  • Cavities or tooth decay

What are the causes of an overbite?

Several causes for an overbite issue is penned down below-

  • Thumb sucking
  • Nail-biting for a prolonged period
  • Bruxism
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Pacifier, just at the age of 3

What are the signs of overbite problems?

The main signs of an overbite are connected with your looks and as determined by the orthodontists near me. And after the points listed down below are some more symptoms-

  • Not feeling comfortable while eating
  • Pain in your jaws
  • Challenges while opening and closing your mouth

What are the treatment options for an overbite?

If your children have an overbite then it would be easy to determine as early as possible and treat instantly as their jaws do not grow yet. The correction of overbite for childrens may include the use of traditional metal braces. The developed jaws of adults will take an overbite problem critical to cure the metal braces. In such situations, the various other options for treating an overbite before and after the problem is-

  • Surgery on the Jaw

If there are skeletal issues, some severe cases of an overbite might need surgery for jaw repositioning. However, braces are a single solution to correct it.

  • Braces

The procedure of braces involves the metal brackets of the teeth and would connect these wires with your teeth to straighten the teeth. If the straightening is done, then the fixing of the overbite starts. The treatment of overbite braces would last from 6 months to 2 years.

  • Extraction

Many a time, patients’ upper or lower jaw might easily not be big enough to carry all their teeth. Thus, teeth must be severely misaligned or overcrowded. Such cases might need the extraction of your teeth. This might create more space for other teeths to shift and realign themselves suitably. The braces would generally use the elimination method for the teeth to move into a normal place.

Summing up!!

Hence, from the above article, you get to know everything about the overbite. Further, if you want to look how your overbite before and after braces looks like then do visit our website!

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