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What is Dental Filling Do?

July 29, 2022

Dental fillings are artificial substances same look like teeth color. Dentists use these fillings to fill the broken, damaged holes or gaps in your teeth’ enamel.

Uses of dental filling

They need dental fillings Houston to restore the shape and strength of the tooth structure. Teeth filling Houston will help to prevent the inner teeth membrane from mouth bacteria. There are a few cases where dentists use dental fillings to prevent dental issues, such as:

  • To fill the holes and gaps that have formed on the enamel of teeth to save the inner membrane or pulp of the teeth where blood vessels and nerves contain.
  • Injured or broken teeth where the enamel layer chipped off, potentially due to exposition the tooth to decay

Types of Filling Materials

There are various types of tooth filling near me are present. Such as gold, porcelain, and silver amalgam(it contains little mercury mixed with other metals). There are also glass particles and plastic particles filling are present. Dentists use composite resin and glass ionomer fillings to restore teeth. With the location, cost of material, and decay time, dentists examine all such conditions and then recommend the best type of filling for you.

Benefits of Tooth-colored Fillings

Quick Treatment

This procedure is quick and painless. It takes an hour to treat one or two cavities. During your first visit, your dentist will administrate local anesthesia to numb the gums and treatment site. After numbing, your dentist will remove the infected portion of your teeth and clean the tooth. Then the dentist will apply root resin to the diseased tooth and shape the composite resin material to maintain the bite, hardening it using UV light. Sometimes it takes hours due to the severity of the case, but for standard patients, it takes about 20 minutes.

Aesthetically Appealing

Not unlike silver amalgam and gold filling, which are visible. Tooth colored fillings blend or become invisible to the surrounding tooth structure, so no people hardly can see them or else can tell you have had a cavity. Whether you are talking, laughing, or yawning, what they can see is only a beautiful and healthy smile.

Long Lasting

If you properly care for your teeth and gums or filling. Your tooth-colored filling could last for a decade or more. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day and attending a routine dental exam at least twice a year for cleaning. Also, you should avoid bad dental habits such as smoking or chewing gum.

Leaves More Healthy Tooth Structure Intact

Dentists use composite resins in tooth-colored filling bonds to the teeth. This procedure involves less natural tooth structure loss than the silver amalgam or gold filling process.


Silver amalgam filling contains some mercury, a toxic substance for your body. However, the amount of mercury in silver amalgam fillings Near Me is meager and not considered dangerous to your mouth health. Still, most patients prefer a mercury-free option, such as tooth-colored fillings.

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