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What to Do If You Lose Your Invisalign Trays?

February 1, 2022

A sudden shock has fallen upon you as you are incapable of ascertaining your Invisalign aligner trays. Now what? You could have them a second ago, but you are not sure about where they go. However, if it comes to wearing your aligners, which means your top-rated orthodontists near me put the vital observations on time and time continuously. When you have lost or broken the Invisalign trays, the question which arises is what to do now? Let’s figure out for you so that you are not threatening a treatment plan.

What are the steps to take if you lose an Invisalign tray?

Here are some of the steps which you need to take for your Invisalign trays-

  1. Contact Your orthodontist that do Invisalign near me

The orthodontists will help you in knowing the steps that you need to take. Then if you are ready to move on the trays, the orthodontists may suggest you take the next steps of your treatment. Further, if you are stuck with your current tray for a while, then you will need a replacement tray to complete the current step before shifting to the next one.

During your wait for a replacement tray, shift to the next step.

  1. Wear Your Previous Aligner Set

The best and effective alternative to maintain your Invisalign treatment on track is to carry the previous set of aligners until you have consulted an orthodontist with Invisalign near me. While wearing the earlier set of Invisalign won’t help you in the treatment forward.

  1. Acquire a Replacement Set or Shift On to the Next Aligner Set

As Invisalign is created for the movement of teeth in a particular way, therefore it is important to ask whether, or not you are okay to shift to the next aligner. Although, your orthodontists would suggest you decide how long do you want to schedule to shift on your next tray-

  • If you are left out only some days away, gradually shifting on the next set of trays, then you will be most likely capable of shifting on the next set without having the adjustment of treatment time back.
  • If you have a large number of days before shifting onto the next set, then the orthodontist close to me will suggest having a replacement aligner.

What Happens When You Are Not Wearing Any Aligners?

Including the previous aligners if you did not wear any of the sets, then it will slow down the treatment, but this would be on track if you wear an aligner. Wearing the aligners does not mean that now you don’t need to worry about the teeth but shifting back to where they started a new treatment. If you doubt that the aligners are not fitted correctly, then always contact the orthodontists to examine your treatment and if required, design a new set of aligners that ensure that your teeth move as they should be.

How  To Avoid the Losing of Aligners?

Invisalign North Miami is the only successful aligner that is worn as suggested by the dentists 20-22 per hour a day. It means that you need to track a set of aligners to stay. If you are conscious about losing your aligners then you should need to try the ideas pen down below-

  • Don’t keep your aligners on napkins or plate
  • If you have pets, then store the aligners in a case and keep them in a high place or a drawer.
  • Make sure that you always put your aligners in their case.
  • Keep your aligners separate from the previous one in case of emergencies.

The Bottom line

Hence, the above article has explained a detailed wise step and method on how to react when you lose your aligners trays. Further, want to know more about it, then contact an orthodontist or dentist that do Invisalign near me. Also, visit our website to check out more about this!

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