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Why Do You Need Braces?

October 11, 2021

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a perfectly straight smile and healthy teeth. However, with an investment in time and money, a beautiful smile can be achieved with some patience and care.

Who needs braces anyway? Orthodontic braces don’t serve the purpose only of straightening out your teeth. Though that is the main goal they achieve, they also help correct your bite, that is, the way your teeth align and press down on each other when you close your mouth and bite down. A misaligned bite could result in pressure on your jaw and create further problems. Also, many people get braces more so for cosmetic reasons rather than because they have moderate or severe problems with their bite or teeth and need them.

Many simply just want a more beautiful, straight smile. The most common age to get braces is children ages 10-14, but many adults get braces also. Braces know no age. In the end, your orthodontic specialist will determine if braces are the most suitable option for you, and if so, what specific kind of braces will be most appropriate for your treatment.

What orthodontic braces can do for you?

Here’s a quick list of what adult braces near me ultimately achieve:

  1. They straighten your teeth: With your bite, crooked or misaligned teeth may cause problems such as rotated, overlapping, or twisted teeth can be treated with Aventura braces. Further, crooked teeth can also cause discomfort based on the severity and condition. Crooked teeth can be inherited, or caused by an addict, early loss of baby teeth, or even prolonged thumb sucking. Straight teeth are also much easier to brush and keep clean, and also help prevent cavities.


  1. Dental braces correct your bite: A ‘bad bite’ is also known as a malocclusion. It is very common for people to have either an overbite or an underbite. An overbite is when the upper jaw extends the teeth too far forward; an underbite occurs when the bottom teeth stick out farther than the upper teeth says orthodontist near me. Both of these types of bites lead to undue pressure on the jaw and can lead to tension and discomfort. This tension and pressure can often cause headaches. Over and underbites may be caused when the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw and hangs over when the jaw is shut, and vice versa.


  1. Cosmetic or aesthetic reasons: It may just so happen that although some people don’t need braces, they get them anyway to improve their smile. When it comes to cosmetic reasons, many people choose to go with virtually hidden braces Hollywood fl, which are removable and are made of hard, durable plastic material rather than traditional metal braces. Though this is a rare occurrence, there are those few that choose to undergo the time of orthodontic treatment and make a financial investment in dental braces to achieve a perfect smile.

At the end of the day, not everyone needs braces. Even if you have crooked teeth or an imperfect smile you may not need braces. Check with your family orthodontic center to see if braces are right for you.

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