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What Are the Types of Dental Restoration?

August 9, 2022

Dentist 77077 uses restoration dentistry to save or restore your tooth aesthetically and functionally of your damaged tooth. A dentist ascertains the condition and situation of your broken tooth and then decides the best option available, keeping a few things in mind, such as cost, location, and durability of the treatment.

Types of dental restoration

Here are some of the most popular dental restoration procedures which your dentist may provide you:

Dental fillings

Emergency Dentist City Centre uses the composite fillings method most promptly because it is minimally invasive and helps to save the tooth structure. They use this procedure to repair the affected teeth by cavities and tooth decay.

Once City Center Emergency Dental removes the damaged and infected part of your tooth, the composite filling is filled with sealant and polished the tooth for a natural look. The procedure requires little tooth preparation before the treatment starts, like tooth cleaning and sealant filling. And it takes one dental visit to complete the procedure.

Dental crowns

Dentists use these types of appliances to protect the tooth from structural impairment. There are called tooth caps because they cover the tooth entirely and give an atheistic and natural look to the damaged tooth. This procedure may require at least two dental office visits. However, in some cases, dentists make the dental crowns and place them on the same day, making this procedure one visit process.

Dental bridges

A dental bridge combines multiple dental crowns, usually three to four. Dentists use them to fill and cover the gap or missing teeth. This bridge can connect your healthy teeth on either side of dental implants.

Dental implants

Dental implants are the best option for those who lost one or more teeth. It gives the closest feeling to natural teeth. It uses an implant post to replace the root, thus preserving bone health and dental alignment. Dental implants keep your surrounding teeth by providing strength to your jaw bone.

Inlays and onlays

These options are more prominent than dental fillings and are smaller than dental crowns. Memorial Dentists Houston fabricates inlays and outlays in dental labs for severe filling cases and is too minimal for a dental crown. Your dentist uses inlays and outlays when the tooth cusp is intact to restore the damaged tooth cusp respectively.

Composite bonding

Dentists use this restoration process for front chipped, knocked, or fractured teeth. The filling is hard to apply on front tooths, so dental bonding with composite resin is considered. They use mixed bonding layer by layer and harden and polish them according to the desired shape and size of the tooth.


When it comes to dental restoration procedures, patients have various options to repair worn, knocked, decayed, or missing teeth. Your dentist will determine the nature of the problem by depth examination and scanning your tooth. And they recommend you the best option for a beautiful and healthy smile. So you should visit Emergency Dentist Near Me Now.

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