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What Does Severe Back Pain Feel Like?

September 29, 2022

Are you suffering from back pain? You are not alone because anyone can experience pain anytime, especially when you are above 40. Even if you don’t have any prior injury or risk factor, sometimes it’s not severe and gets better. However, your body sends signals with the help of back pain that something isn’t good. Thus, you should visit a back pain doctor NJ for regular checkups if you find any signs and symptoms of back pain.

Why is lower back pain so common problem?

Your lower back has just five vertebrae and is lower than your neck and mid-back, and these vertebrae o a lot of heavy lifting and bear your upper body weight. So they experience a lot of stress while doing any movement, which may lead to wear, tear, and injury. Contact a back pain doctor Clifton if you experience any pain.

common causes of lower back pain

Arthritis of the Spine

In this procedure, spinal joints slowly degenerate, which may cause lower back pain. After some age, we all start experiencing wear and tear, and it’s nomal for your body to behave as you get older because the cartilage in between your spinal joints, surrounded by tissues, may become inflamed. This inflammation and narrowing of the cartilage decrease smoothness in your joints and hence cause pain in your lower back. If you find any such signs, you should visit a back pain doctor new jersey for treatment and diagnosis of your issues.

Back Injuries

A bad fall or an accident can cause a lower back injury, leading to long-term back pain sometimes if you’re lifting heavy weight and suddenly traumatic, and even during your daily routine, like holding a vegetable basket or holding a child, may lead to a back injury.

Herniated Discs

A herniated or bulging disc leads to frequent lower back pain while walking, sleeping, and daily routine activity. The injured disc may not always hurt; however, it’s painless when your body relaxes.

What are the lifestyle factors that contribute to lower back pain?

Three main lifestyle factors may affect your chances of developing lower back pain:

According to reliable studies, there is a link between smoking and back pain. Also, smoking increases the risk of inflammation inside your body and hinders the body from itself.

Your daily routine and physical activity play an important in lower back health, while an inactive health style can increase the risk of lower back pain. Find any signs and symptoms you are unsure about. You should visit back pain specialists NJ for proper diagnosis and treatment of your health condition. Obesity is also associated with chronic pain, including lower back pain. People with higher BMI increases the stress and chances of wear and tear.


You should consider visiting back pain specialists new jersey if you find any issues related to your back pain or nerve pain like sciatica for proper treatment and diagnosis of your issue.

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