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How to Become a Lawyer?

August 30, 2021

Many are called to the law profession but only few are chosen and only a little become the best in the field. The opportunities that lawyers have are as varied as the number of fields that they can specialize in. With the increasing number law graduates who have joined the law profession bandwagon, the job offers of these neophyte lawyers, from different big corporations and the government service field are endless.

The perks and privileges that lawyers enjoy from their job are as amazing as the responsibilities they hold. Those occupy the top position in the public sector and the corporate world may have shouldered big tasks, nevertheless they are very much compensated for every service that they render. Entertaining these ideas makes you want to become a lawyer in the future. But, how to become a lawyer is not so much of an entertaining thought.

Asking yourself if you really are determined to become a lawyer is the first step in answering how to become a lawyer. If you really are interested and you think that you can handle and manage all the pressures that prospective law students may have to face then go for it.

If you believe that you have the aptitude to persuade anybody on any legal discourse with rational bases and that you can write lengthy reports and research works then you have what it takes on how to become a lawyer. Law students are in constant encounter with nerve-wracking long exams, backbreaking report writing and case studies, intimidating moot court practice, and time-consuming clinics on legal issues. These things might just be a piece of cake for you.

How to become a lawyer is one good question that one has to find one good answer. Making a good academic standing in a pre-law degree is a prerequisite of becoming a lawyer. Aside from the Law School Admission Test (LAST), law student wannabes have to pass several exams to gain a slot in a law school. Law schools administer their own exam to assess the verbal reasoning and reading comprehension skills of the applicants.

Some States in the U.S. require another exam for those who are in their first year of law study. This exam will help facilitate if the students are qualified to pursue another year in law school. Upon completion of a three-year stint in law education and training, graduates are required to pass a written exam given by the respective States. Those who pass the exam will have a license to practice the profession.

Of course there are other requirements on how to become a lawyer. For example the State of California requires anyone who wants to practice the profession to have a good moral standing issued by respected authority such as the Committee of Bar Examiner specifically the Subcommittee on Moral Character. Other requirements include additional exam like the Multistate Bar Examination and other hosts of exam that are applicable to certain State.

With such demanding tasks of being a law student, no wonder why only a handful survived. Nevertheless they became the best in their chosen fields.

Paul Petersen

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