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On What Does Tooth Bonding Works The Best?

June 10, 2022

Teeth with minimal damage and aren’t severely decaying are the ideal candidates for tooth bonding. You may prefer a dental implant over dental bonding Miami if you have a lost or missing tooth or if the tooth is damaged too severely. With a dental implant and a porcelain crown, they completely replace the tooth and root. Tooth bonding is also beneficial for persons who are satisfied with the color of their teeth.

Suppose you desire to whiten or brighten your teeth. In that case, you should do so before requesting dental bonding from your orthodontist in Hialeah. Your dentist will select a bond comparable to the color of your natural teeth. Suppose you whiten your teeth after getting dental bonding. In that case, your natural enamel will lighten, but your bond will remain the same color.

What does it include in teeth bonding?

Teeth bonding is a no-anesthetic technique or procedure requiring only anesthesia if you need a dental filling or the MetLife Miami dentist needs to drastically change your tooth’s structure or shape. Suppose you chipped or cracked your natural tooth near your nerve tissue. In that case, you may need an anesthetic because the bonding work could irritate.

The initial step of dental bonding is to select a composite resin color close to your natural tooth color as possible. Your orthodontics specialists of Florida will use a color chart to ensure that their decision is correct. Then the dentist will prepare to bond the composite resin to your existing tooth. They’ll begin by making the tooth’s surface rough and applying a bonding agent.

The rough texture makes the composite and the liquid easier to stick to. The dentist will then add the composite resin to the area and mold it to repair any damage. Then drives them with a UV light. If you think it isn’t perfect the first time around, then don’t worry. Your dentist can improve the shape of the tooth further even after the resin is dry.

How can you take good care of bonded teeth?

Your natural teeth enamel is extremely strong, including the composite resin. So, even after the dental bonding restores the tooth, you still need to take good care of it. Biting on ice cubes or pencils is something you should strictly avoid. Excessive consumption of harmful foods and candies might also harm your bond. However, because these are bad for the health of your natural teeth, it’s best to avoid or quit them for good, especially if you have a history related to chipped or broken teeth.

It may also be worth noting that resin does not have the same type of stain resistance as enamel. If you drink a lot of discoloring beverages such as coffee or red wine, or if you chew tobacco or smoke cigarettes, you’re more prone to long-term discoloration. Unfortunately, whitening does not affect composite resin.

If you stain your dental bond, you may be stuck with it unless you replace it or go for veneers. You can use a bond to whiten your teeth. Whitening gels will not affect the composite resin. Still, you will notice a change in color as the appearance of your natural tooth changes, but your bond will remain the same as before.


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