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How To Treat Underbite In Growing Kids?

October 18, 2022

If your kids have underbites, it becomes difficult to maintain the beauty of their smile. Generally, pediatric orthodontists recommend getting regular checkups for children at the age of seven so that ongoing issues can be identified timely. Once you know the problem in your child’s teeth, you can visit a nearby dental clinic to provide them with suitable oral treatment. Moreover, the age of seven is the time when the kids are growing. Early orthodontic treatment can minimize the complicated issues of underbite or other oral problems in the future. Visit an orthodontist North Miami for timely treatment.

According to a survey, school-going children have some sort of oral or orthodontic problems, and the percentage of such children is around ninety percent. So, if you want to protect yor kids from any type of oral issues, make them visit a pediatric dentist in Miami for regular checkups.

What Is An Underbite?

An underbite is an oral disease where your upper teeth project your bottom teeth. Generally, this issue causes due to the misalignment of the jaw, also known as III malocclusion.

When your kids’ lower teeth slightly cover the lower ones, you should take it seriously, as it may further cause severe consequences. Schedule an appointment with your dentist for a precise diagnosis and treatment.

What Causes an Underbite?

Heredity is one of the main reasons for the growth of an underbite. If your parents have underbite issues, there are chances that your kids will also suffer from the same condition. This cause is known as hereditary. Apart from genetics, the major causes of suffering from underbites are the usage of pacifiers and bottles for a long time, thumb sucking, persistent thrusting of the tongue against the teeth, jaw injury, etc.

Apart from physical appearance, you may identify the underbite based on visible symptoms; for example, difficulty in chewing & biting, speech issues, and snoring. These are some of the visible issues that will help you to know that your child has an underbite.

How Can You Fix an Underbite?

Make a consultancy appointment with your dentist to detect the root cause & the problem; also, you can discuss all the possible treatment options. However, the type of treatment is determined by how serious your underbite is.

The Possible Treatment Options Are:

Underbite braces:  Braces are the commonest treatment a dentist offers to fix an underbite be s properly. As your child may be curious regarding braces treatment, visit a nearby orthodontist who also deals with kids’ orthodontic issues and knows how to convince kids to the treatment. They can remove your kid’s curiosity by answering all their questions and explaining the treatment. You can opt for clear braces that are less noticeable or pick metal braces to fix underbite issues.

You can also opt for special appliances like headgear, retainers, and expanders. If the underbite is severe, your dentist may recommend surgery.  Schedule an appointment with your dentist to determine your children’s best possible treatment option.

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