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What More Do You Need To Know About Gum Recession?

March 26, 2022

We have found from studies that a part of the globe in individuals is experiencing gum infection. But not every individual is aware of the Gum Recession Regeneration. This article will help you in knowing a great piece of knowledge about the gum recession. Further, in this article, we have penned down almost everything a person should know about gum recession before visiting a dentist for treatment.

What is gum recession?

Receding gums is a dental condition in which individual gum tissue near the tooth starts exposing the tooth more or nerves and roots of the tooth. Gum recession involves pus pockets in the gumline and occurs by forming gaps between the teeth.

If you are suffering from severe receding gums then you should search on the web for the best Gum Recession Surgery Near Me, dentist, and visit for further consultation.

What are the causes of the gum recession?

There are numerous causes when it comes to gum recession. We have asked Dental Office Houston Texas and found that gum recession is prone to adults above 40 years. If anyone is suffering from these dental conditions mentioned above there are high chances of formation of gum recession.

  • If you brush too hard after a long time
  • If you are using a toothbrush with a hard bristle
  • Have built-up plaque and tartar around your gum line and teeth
  • Have signs of periodontal disease or gingivitis
  • Have misaligned teeth
  • If you are suffering from crooked, cracked, or broken teeth
  • The cause of gum recession is can be heredity
  • If you smoke or consume tobacco, gum recession can develop easily

If you are someone who has these issues written above then you should visit the Laser Dentistry Energy Corridor for consolation regarding gum recession.

What are the symptoms of gum recession?

We have mentioned some symptoms of gum recession below that will help you in identifying if you are a candidate for gum recession or not. Here are some symptoms such:

  • If you’re facing tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperature
  • Discoloration in tooth
  • Suffering from gums that bleed
  • Have red gums and swollen gums
  • Have bad breath
  • Facing bloodstain on the toothbrush
  • Tooth loss

If you are someone who found yourself around these symptoms then do make sure to visit a dentist and get Gum Recession Treatment Houston immediately.

What is the treatment for receding gums?

We have asked experts about the several Gum Recession Treatment options and found these treatment options mentioned below:

  • Gum recession can be cured with varnishing and dentin dental bonding agents
  • It can be treated by orthodontic treatment
  • Gum, recession can be cured with bone regeneration
  • It can be treated with proper Gum Recession Surgery involving Tissue Graft
  • Gum recession can be treated with removable porcelain veneers.


We hope you liked this article and now it is helpful for you in understanding gum recession in depth. If you want to know about LANAP Procedure Near Me or any other dental procedure then you should contact our dental experts by visiting our website.

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