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3 Ways To Wear A Tuxedo Like James Bond

June 18, 2022

What does it take to look like James Bond tuxedo? A well-fitting one, obviously, but that’s not all there is to it. Follow these three tips on how to wear a tuxedo like James Bond and you’ll be suave as hell on your next formal occasion. You’re welcome!

1) The Classic Black Suit

Of course, your james bond tuxedo won’t be complete without a black suit. But you don’t have to get too fancy here—black is always in style. Make sure to match it with black pants and a white shirt and then you can add an accent color with a tie or pocket square for added flair. Just don’t make it too bold. We recommend white since it is understated but still adds some personality to your look. Once you throw on that bowtie and top off your look with a black overcoat, you’ll be ready for any formal event (and maybe even wooing some women like 007).

2) Adding Color

If you’re going to be wearing black and white, adding color through your bow tie, socks, or pocket square can instantly give your tuxedo a more distinctive look. When in doubt about whether it’s appropriate for a certain event, either just ask (event organizers often have an opinion) or try it at home to see how it looks with all of your accessories. Here are some guidelines: Wearing red? Pick a solid black bow tie and skip a pocket square. Want to keep things classy? Go with black-and-white argyle socks and matching chalk stripes on your pocket square. Feeling daring? Try something in blue; matching accents will take you right back to Sean Connery’s era as 007.

3) Playing Up The Accessories

When it comes to tuxedos, think about adding a little flash. For example, you can use different cufflinks and/or studs for each of your evening’s events. When considering which accessories to wear with your tuxedo jacket, don’t forget about pocket squares—they can be a very stylish option. As far as footwear goes, there are any number of ways to stand out in a pair of patent leather shoes; consider using black dress socks or dying your soles an eye-catching color. After all, how many men get to step out in a full-on tux? You want to make sure that attention is focused on you and not just your clothing—and what better way than with some pop?

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