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How Do You Get Relief From Itchy Varicose Veins?

September 12, 2022

Varicose veins are thick and ropy structures veins in blue and purple color, and you can see them near the skin surface of the legs. These swollen and bulging veins cause symptoms, including itching, pain, and heaviness. Your veins get swelling when the valves that control blood flow unable to resist backflow. This may happen because of weak and broken valse that allow blood to pool inside your leg veins. What do vein centers do?

You’re more susceptible to varicose veins as you get older and your veins weaken. Pregnancy exerts too much pressure on your legs, resulting in slower blood flow in your legs and hence varicose veins. Therefore our veins center will help to diagnose your condition of varicose veins and treat your issue.

In this situation, you may suffer from swelling, itching, and sometimes pain in your legs. The best way to eliminate such a situation is to keep your legs elevated and make other lifestyle changes. Also, these measures may help slow down the new formation of veins as well as the procedure to remove damaged veins.

What causes itchy varicose veins?

You may experience varicose veins conditions due to stasis dermatitis when the blood in your damaged veins begins to leak out of the skin. And these leakage vessels do not supply enough oxygen to your skin resulting in many severe diseases. Your skin becomes red, blue, green, and purple over the veins. If you find any such condition, contact a doctor immediately; they will tell you what are the treatment options for varicose veins.

How do you treat itchy varicose veins?

A vein specialist will typically treat such type of condition; they may prescribe:

Medicated creams

Your doctor will prescribe your lotion and cream to reduce the inflammation sensation in your legs and relieve the itchy condition.


Suppose your sores or skiing over the varicose veins become infected with bacteria. In that case, your veins specialist will use antibiotics to treat the infection and relieve you from an itching sensation.


If your condition doesn’t improve with other treatments, Your vascular doctor may recommend surgery to cure your itchy varicose veins. Nowadays, doctors are using intense light to eliminate your varicose veins, called varicose veins. However, it usually works on smaller veins, and you may need more than one treatment to cure diseased veins completely.

How can you manage itchy varicose veins at home? Apart from at-office treatment, your doctor may suggest some tips to manage your itchy varicose veins at home.

Elevate your legs

Between your work or any other activity, you should stretch your legs or elevate them for atleast a few minutes for better blood flow to your lower body. Also, you can use one or two pillows during sleep to keep your legs above your heart to prevent pooling in your veins.


If you have some open wounds, your doctor may place a special covering over the scars to help you from swelling and itching. They will use compression stockings, exerting pressure on your legs so your veins strengthen and reside swelling.

If you find any such condition, you should seek your varicose veins specialist for proper treatment and diagnosis.

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